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Travel Services

The primary function of Travel services is to ensure the timely and accurate reimbursement of allowable employee travel expenses. This is completed through consistent application of relevant controls, policies, and procedures of the University and the State of Idaho.

Travel Forms and Documents

Individual Travel Card Request Form This form is used to request an Individual Travel Card. This card can be used for University travel costs.
Departmental Travel Card Request FormThis form is used to request a Departmental Travel Card. This card can be used for travel costs for university employees.
Travel Card Limit Exception FormThis form is used to request a higher credit card limit than the standard $2,000 per transaction and $10,000 per month. This can be a temporary or permanent increase. Must accompany a travel card request form, unless user already has a card.
Travel Card Misuse Description Form This form is required when an expense is paid by a travel card that is not allowed. Please ensure the expense 'Type' of "Travel Card Personal Use" is selected on the expense line, in the T&E system.
Travel Card Quick ReferenceThe Do's and Don't's of the Travel Card.
Credit Card Authorization FormIf a vendor requires a Credit Card Authorization form, use this. Cardholder should send this directly to the vendor, not with the traveler.
Travel Review Bypass Form.pdf Although travelers are always ultimately responsible for your travel documents this from allows their delegate to submit them without the traveler's review. Travel documents remain available to the traveler for review, regardless of the use of this form.
Travel Authorization Information Request Form (Employees Only)Employees Only - This form should be filled out for your delegate if they are producing your TA.
Travel Reimbursement Documentation Request Form (Employees Only)This form should be filled out for your delegate if they are producing your TR.
Travel ChecklistThis document has a list of items to consider when filing a reimbursement.
Travel Authorization Form (Student or Non-Employee)Non-Employees - This form is for travelers who are not paid through ISU's Payroll.
Travel Reimbursement Form (Student or Non-Employee)Non-Employees - This form is for travelers who are not paid through ISU's Payroll.
Accounts Payable Direct Deposit Form This form allows A/P to utilize direct deposit for advances and reimbursements. It is separate from payroll.
T&E Document Scanning GuideThis is a short step by step list of instructions for attaching receipts in T&E
T&E System Per Diem Quick GuideThis document has information, screen shots, and tips for correctly using per diems in T&E
T&E Delegate List (google doc)This form shows the list of delegates with their departments and locations
Vicinity Travel Mileage LogThis form is to track mileage for trips within your workstation
Monthly Mileage Log (for Faculty)This form is for tracking mileage, on a monthly basis, to teaching sites outside of your "workstation."
Affidavit of Lost ReceiptThis form is required to certify expenses in the event of a lost receipt
Meal Money Sign Off SheetThis form is used by members of clubs or groups to reconcile use of meal money.
Field Trip/Event Informed Consent FormThis form is required for every student who is attending a college-sponsored trip.
Travel Manifest for Team/Group TravelThis form is for tracking who is participating in team and group travel
Approval Form For Spousal Travel And /Or Related ExpensesThis form is for receiving and documenting approvals for spousal travel and/or spousal expenses related to ISU functions.
Sales Tax Exemption on Lodging FormThis form is required by Hotels/Motels in Idaho to receive a sales tax exemption. Traveler should provide a completed and signed copy of form when checking into an Idaho Hotel/Motel.


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