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The primary function of Travel services is to ensure the timely and accurate reimbursement of allowable employee travel expenses. This is completed through consistent application of relevant controls, policies, and procedures of the University and the State of Idaho.

Travel Tips

  1. When adding comments in the T&E system commas and periods are the only punctuation that should be used. Any other form of punctuation may cause errors in the workflow approval process. If this occurs the travel document will be returned to the traveler for correction, which will delay the approval process of the travel document.

  2. Review the ISU Travel Policy and the FAQ documents. This simple step can help insure that your TA or TR make it through the process quickly.

  3. ISU's Travel Policy states to use the "most economical and effective" means of transportation both from the standpoint of time, cost and reasonableness.

    • In many instances, this will be a rental or ISU motorpool car. Paying $0.54/mile for a personal car is usually the most expensive mode of ground transportation.

    • With ISU'S Enterprise Rent-A-Car contract, ISU employees can rent intermediate vehicles for travel on state business at about $35/day or $180/week (plus gas). This amount includes all necessary insurance and damage coverage, and has unlimited miles.

    • ISU also has contracts with Hertz and National Car Rental Companies, and a $5 discount (each way) with Salt Lake Express.
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  4. As of 10/4/13 an ISU Motor pool sedan costs $15/day and $0.31/mile (gas card included). To get to the motorpool page, Click here

  5. When planning your over-night(s) travel, consider that ISU only reimburses expenses for one day before and one day after a conference/workshop/travel purpose. This does not mean that you can forego the night after for two nights before or vice versa. Also, please recognize that ISU'S policy states, "travelers should always attempt to return home the day the conference or workshop ends if they can arrive home at a reasonable hour."

  6. Click here to view the Travel Checklist document

  7. Click here to view the Travel Tips document.

  8. Click here to view the Travel Policy FAQ document

  9. Click here to view the T&E System FAQ document

  10. Click here to view Enterprise Rental FAQ document.

  11. Click here for information on how to register your new travel card for the first time or to retrieve your forgotten pin.

  12. Click here for information on the chip and pin technology of your travel card.

  13. If your travel card is lost or stolen please contact Bank of America at 1-888-449-2273 and the Travel Office at ext. 2511.

  14. Click here to view the Student Travel Procedures document.

  15. International Travel: A review of foreign travel is required to ensure your destination and/or the people you are visiting have no related federal restrictions.

    All faculty, staff and students traveling outside the U.S. on University business (even when combined with personal travel) must provide essential information to the Export Control Office as soon as foreign traveler is contemplated. This is true regardless of who is sponsoring/funding the travel. Your information must be provided online, using the Foreign Travel Form hosted by ISU's Export Control toolkit, Visual Compliance.

    To access the form go to

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