University Councils and Committees

University Councils

Faculty Senate
Undergraduate Curriculum Council
Research Council
Graduate Council
Staff Council
Associated Students of Idaho State University (ASISU)

University Committees and Boards

Academic Dishonesty Board (convened when needed) -- Student Affairs Office
Academic Standards Committee (ASC)
Admissions Appeals Board (convened when needed)
Affirmative Action Grievance Committee (convened when needed) -- EEO/Affirmative Action,
Affirmative Action Policy Committee -- EEO/Affirmative Action,
Athletic Advisory Board --
Bachelor of Applied Science/Applied Technology (BAS/BAT) Committee -- Student Services, College of Techology
Calendar Committee -- Registrar's Office
Campus Beautification Committee
Campus Safety Committee
Campus Parking Board
Cultural Events Committee
Diversity Council -- EEO/Affirmative Action
Faculty Grievance Appeals Board (convened when needed) -- Academic Affairs Office
Gender Equity Committee -- Athletic Director's Office
General Education Requirements Committee (GERC)
Human Subjects Committee (IRB)
Institutional Animal Care and Use committee (IACUC)
Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC)
Re-admission Appeals Committee -- Central Academic Advising
Scholastic Appeals Board (convened when needed) -- Student Affairs Office
Special Budget Consultation Committee -- Office of the Vice President for Finance & Administration
[Student] Retention Committee -- Student Success Center
University Honors Committee -- University Honors Program, Student Success Center
University Library Committee (ULC)




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