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Gender & Sexuality Studies

Gender & Sexuality Studies promotes an interdisciplinary approach to learning that emphasizes gender and sexuality as essential components in an understanding of our past, present, and future. Grounded in contemporary scholarship, Gender & Sexuality Studies provides students with innovative perspectives from which to analyze and assess familiar subjects. Critical and analytical skills are developed and honed as students identify and contextualize profound connections between gender, sexuality, and one’s assigned roles and statuses, and one’s access to social, economic, and political power.

At ISU, Gender & Sexuality Studies involves research, teaching, and service. Faculty from across multiples disciplines regularly present and publish their research on gender and sexuality, and along with the Gender Resource Center, Gender & Sexuality Studies hosts ISU's annual Gender & Sexuality Conference. Building on this research focus, Gender & Sexuality Studies offers an interdisciplinary minor and regularly partners with the Gender Resource Center and other ISU entities to facilitate service to the campus and community related to gender and sexuality.

Gender & Sexuality Studies is hosted by the Department of Sociology, Social Work, and Criminology.

Dr Jeremy Thomas is the Program Director and Chair of the Gender & Sexuality Committee.