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Credit by Exam

Steps to get credit by examination for SPAN 2210/2211, Spanish for the Health Professions

1. Take a Spanish placement exam

Location: Counseling and Testing Center, Graveley Hall RM 251, 282-2130
Cost: $5

2. If you receive 440+ points, come to the department office, Graveley 103, and get a Student Petition Form.

a. Fill out the form stating, "I wish to earn credit for SPAN 2210 and/or SPAN 2211 by taking the challenge exam." They are each worth 3 credits. You need to make sure you are clear on whether you want to take the exam for both courses or just one.
Bring the filled out form back to our department for signatures and we will take care of the form from there.

3. While waiting to hear if the petition was approved, go on to the departmental webpage and read all of the cultural articles we have listed to prepare for the culture section of the exam.

4. Once the petition is approved, take your copy to the CASHIER'S office to pay for the credits.

The current amount you will have to pay is $98.34 per credit. Both of the courses are worth 3 credits each.

5. Bring your receipt from the cashier to the Department of Languages and Literatures, Graveley Hall room 103.

Please refer to the "Credit by Challenge Examination" portion of the Undergraduate Catalog for any questions related to requirements and fees.

6. Make an appointment with the Carmen Febles, Language Lab Director, at or 282-2273.

Location: Business Administration Building Room 116 (Language Lab)

7. Once you have taken the exam, it will take 4-5 business days to grade.

8. Once it has been graded, the Department of Languages and Literatures will send a MEMO to the Registrar stating the grade/s for the class or classes in which you took the exam.

9. You will be sent a copy of the MEMO.