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Degree Requirements for Bachelor of Arts in Spanish

In addition to General Education and University Requirements, both a language component and either Option 1 or Option 2 below must be completed to satisfy the degree requirements for the Bachelor of Arts in Spanish.

Language Component

SPAN 2201, Intermediate Spanish I (or equivalent; 4 credits)
SPAN 2202, Intermediate Spanish II (or equivalent; 4 credits)
(note: Either of the two courses listed above satisfies General Education Objective 9.)
SPAN 3301, Spanish Conversation and Composition I (3 credits)
SPAN 3302, Spanish Conversation and Composition II (3 credits)
SPAN 3341, Survey of Spanish Literature and Civilization (3 credits)
SPAN 3342, Survey of Latin American Literature and Civilization

Option 1: 18 Additional Credits

Select at least twelve (12) credits from elective upper-division courses in French, CMLT, LANG, or in related fields in the College of Arts and Letters, or 3-12 credits of upper-level study abroad (dependent on length of stay and level of course work) using SPAN 3305.
Students may select 6 of these 18 creditst from courses in lists A and B, below:

A--Recommended for students who have not had immersion experiences or who enter language study below the 3300 level:

SPAN 2200, Intermediate Enrichment (This is a variable-credit course repeated to obtain the required number of credits; 3-4 credits)
SPAN 2210, Spanish for Health Care I (3 credits)
SPAN 2211, Spanish for Health Care II (3 credits)
SPAN 3300, Intensive Conversation (3 credits)
CMLT 2207, Contemporary European Culture (Satisfies General Education Objective 9; 3 credits)
CMLT 2208, Cultures of the Spanish Speaking World (Satisfies General Education Objective 9; 3 credits)

B--Recommended for students who have had immersion experiences or who enter language study at the 3300 level:

ANTH 2250, Introduction to Sociocultural Anthropology (3 credits)
CMLT 2207 or CMLT 2208, Contemporary European Culture or Cultures of the Spanish Speaking World (Either Course Satisfies General Education Objective 9; 3 credits)
HIST 2249, World Regional Geography (Satisfies General Objective 9; 3 credits)
LANG/ANTH/ENGL 1107, Nature of Language (Satisfies General Objective 7; 3 credits)
POLS 2221, Introduction to International Relations (3 credits)

Option 2--Second Language: 22 Additoinal Credits

Second language: French, German, or Japanese. Students take the following courses in their chosen second language:

1101 and 1102 Elementary I and II (8 credits)
2201 and 2202 Intermediate I and II (8 credits)
Two upper-division courses in the chosen language (6 credits)

*For more information please visit the Global Studies and Language section of the Course Catalog.*