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Karen Appleby, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Sport Science and Physical Education, Distinguished Teacher 2010

"The Masters in Physical Education Athletic Administration (MPE-AA) program is designed to provide students with practical and theoretical knowledge about the worlds of sport, athletics, and physical education. Graduates of our program work in areas such as community recreation, high school and collegiate coaching and athletic directing, and physical education teaching. The MPE-AA program also offers a thesis option which helps students who are interested in pursuing doctoral degrees gain research experience.

"In our program we work one on one with students to tailor a curriculum to help them actualize their professional potential and to meet their professional goals. My objective as a professor in the MPE-AA program is to advise, mentor, and teach students to (a) think critically about the worlds of sport, athletics, and physical education, (b) recognize their responsibilities as leaders in this field, and (c) gain professional skills that will enable them to fulfill their professional ambitions ever changing, dynamic, and exciting field."

Donna Lybecker, Ph.D. Political Science

"The graduate programs in Political Science at ISU draw a diverse group of students. What unites these individuals is a desire to grapple with the complexities and explore the nuances of the political world in which we all live. For these graduate students the drive to become successful and contribute to a larger good leads them to take on the adventure of exploring the political challenges facing our world in the 21st century. The graduate faculty in political science gets the opportunity to work with these bright minds, helping advance their knowledge and their abilities to solve complex problems. For me specifically, working with graduate students interested in international politics and environmental politics gives me confidence that there are intelligent, vibrant individuals willing and ready to address the political challenges of today and in the future."

Dr. Cathy Kriloff, Professor and Mathematics Graduate Programs director

"Graduate Mathematics at Idaho State University features close interaction with well-trained, research-active faculty who care about teaching, with a roughly 1:1 ratio of faculty to graduate students. We regularly offer core courses in algebra, analysis, and topology. Individual interests and a twice-yearly meeting with all graduate students result in tailored course offerings in a variety of areas from applied mathematics, numerical analysis, and differential equations to functional analysis, differential geometry, stochastic processes, and Lie groups and Lie algebras.

"Students are financially supported through teaching assistantships and participate in a once-weekly teaching seminar. Doctor of Arts students receive additional training as future college teachers through two faculty-mentored teaching internships, a professional seminar, a course on exposition, and thesis work. Equipping future teachers with both strong mathematical knowledge and thoughtful consideration of pedagogy is personally enriching and professionally rewarding for faculty and students. A total of 73 students have graduated since the D.A. program's inception in 1970, nearly all of whom have succeeded in finding employment, primarily teaching at a variety of universities and colleges." Read about Dr. Kriloff...

Daniel P. Ames, Associate Professor, Geosciences, Distinguished Researcher

"So where are the lab coats? I was expecting lab coats! and an oscilloscope!

"Such was the feigned disappointment of a new graduate student in the M.S. GISci program when he arrived at my Geospatial Software Laboratory in Idaho Falls. Yes, it is true, there are no lab coats or oscilloscopes in my lab, In fact, the "lab" is actually comprised of one section of modern, almost corporate-like, research facility (Center for Advanced Energy Studies) with rows of large open cubicles and cutting edge computer systems. Here our Masters and Ph.D. students work on a number of interesting projects involving the use and development of geospatial software systems. Our open source MapWindow GIS software is downloaded by thousands of users per month around the world and provides students and researchers globally with tools they need at a price they can't argue with (free!).

"Because our research team is located at the Idaho Falls outreach campus (50 miles north of Pocatello) we do not have immediate access to a lot of the benefits (e.g. student activities and on-campus housing) of the main campus. However we make up for this by having a great work environment where creativity, collegiality, and collaboration are considered the hallmarks of success. I and the other Idaho Falls faculty and staff take a personal interest in our students and do everything we can to help them enjoy a positive and productive experience as ISU graduate students. Indeed, nearly all of our M.S. and Ph.D. student graduates have easily found exciting careers at places like Microsoft, BLM, State of Idaho, and various other universities and private companies.

"So, no, we don't wear lab coats, but our opportunities and our students are among the best in the world!"

Marco Schoen, Professor, Mechanical Engineering and Program Director, Measurement and Control Engineering

"As their professor and advisor, it is rewarding to watch and guide the development of graduate students in the process of becoming effective engineers and researchers having confidence in the contributions they will be making to our world."


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