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Laura Alvarez, M. Coun., Mental Health Counseling

"The Master of Counseling program at Idaho State University is one of a kind. Its active approach has helped me undergo a personal and positive transformation. As a result, I feel proud and competent to work as a counselor and mental health professional."

Kaitlin Bolewicz, M.S. Speech-Language Pathology Program

"All the professors in the CSED department are extremely knowledgeable about their areas of expertise, and they love to talk to students about issues and questions that arise in and out of class. They also have an impressive number of professional contacts in the community and around the country. Between the professors and students in the program, they create a supportive and creative environment that makes learning at ISU an enjoyable process."

Aaron Cloyd, M.A. English Program
"The M.A. in English is a fantastic program, particularly their teaching assistantship mentoring program. Many M.A. programs expect their graduate students to teach the first semester and they provide little support. Our English department, however, has a very organized mentoring system that allows a student to observe classes, read theory about teaching, and slowly work into teaching the first class. This was the perfect place for me, for my M.A. degree."

Nabanita Modak, Ph.D. Environmental Engineering

"As I stepped into the real engineering world after my undergraduate in chemical engineering, I faced a challenge to minimize the gap between my limited theoretical knowledge and practical solutions to a technical problem.

"My graduate study at Idaho State helped me form a bridge between classroom knowledge and solutions. My experience in lab scale research during graduate study was the tool that I needed to establish myself as a successful professional in the world of engineering. Moreover, I had several opportunities to know about the cutting-edge technologies by attending different national and international conferences during the course of my graduate studies that in turn helped me fit myself into a fast-moving technical world."

Heather Bechtold, Ph.D. Biology, 2010

"My future. I have accepted a post-doctoral position at the Cary Institute for Ecosystem Studies in Millbrook, New York to start in October 2010. I will be collaborating with Dr. Emma Rosi-Marshall and her lab on a project that focuses on the role of forest age on stream ecosystem dynamics. I believe that my overall positive and rigorous experience here at ISU in the Biology department has guided me to the choice of continuing on in academia. My direct mentors, Richard Inouye and Colden Baxter both were instrumental in my success here. Additionally, multiple other faculty members and staff of the biology and geology departments lead to my seamless earning of almost two post baccalaureate degrees. I think the biology department continues to produce high quality research and that the biology faculty appear to have a passion for science and most importantly, for training students to be good scientists."

Amy Slack, doctoral student, Educational Leadership

"Graduate programs at Idaho State University have professors who are committed, not only to research, but to student learning. The best thing about my EdD program in Educational Leadership is my graduate advisor, Dr. Cynthia Pemberton. She has very high expectations for her students and advisees, but more importantly, she takes the time to provide guidance and mentoring. I also appreciate our Graduate Student Association which has provided me with opportunities to literally meet students from all over the world."

Erica Miyasako, M.O.T. Occupational Therapy

"As for the OT program at ISU, I really enjoyed all the clinical experiences and feel that these clinical opportunities will be most valuable in my transition from school to my career as an Occupational Therapist."


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