Graduate Education at Idaho State University

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Idaho State University
921 S. 8th Ave, Mail Stop 8075
Pocatello, ID 83209-8075

Phone: 1-208-282-2150

FAX: 208-282-4847


Graduate Catalog

Graduate Program Contacts

College Arts & Letters Dr. Kandi Turley-Ames, Dean (208)282-3204
Anthropology Dr. Paul Trawick (208)282-2629
Art Dr. Tony Martin (208)282-2361
Communication, Media, and Persuasion Dr. James DiSanza (208)282-3695
English & Philosophy Dr. Jessica Winston (208)282-2478
History Dr. Kevin Marsh (208)282-2379
Political Science Dr. Donna Lybecker (208)282-2211
Psychology Dr. Shannon Lynch (208)282-2462
Sociology Dr. Gesine Hearn (208)282-2170
Theatre Mr. Thom Hasenpflug (208)282-3173
College of Business Dr. Joanne Tokle, Dean (208)282-3585
Business Dr. Heidi Wadsworth (208)282-2966
College of Education Dr. Deborah Hedeen, Dean (208)282-2783
Organizational Learning and Performance Dr. Karen Wilson Scott (208)282-3906
Teaching and Educational Studies Dr. Beverly Ray (208)282-5188
School Psychology and Eductaional Leadership Dr. Mark Neill (208)282-5188
Sports Science and Physical Education Dr. John Fitzpatrick (208)282-4852
College Science & Engineering Dr. Richard Brey, Dean (208)282-5793
Biological Sciences Dr. Mark Austin (208)282-3765
Chemistry Dr. Rene Rodriguez (208)282-4444
Geosciences Dr. Leif Tapanila (208)282-3235
Mathematics Dr. Yu Chen (208)282-3350
Physics Dr. Steven Shropshire (208)282-2350
Engineering Dr. Chikashi Sato (208)282-2902
Civil Engineering Dr. Bruce Savage (208)282-2902
Environmental Engineering Dr. Bruce Savage (208)282-2902
Measurement and Control Engineering Dr. Ken Bosworth (208)282-2902
Mechanical Engineering Dr. Alba Perez (208)282-2902
Nuclear Science and Engineering Dr. Jay Kunze (208)282-2902
Environmental Science and Management Dr. Chikashi Sato (208)282-4389
Division of Health Sciences Linda C. Hatzenbuehler, Dean (208)282-4099
Audiology Dr. Jeff Brockett (208)282-4196
Speech Language Pathology Dr. Kathleen Kangas (208)282-4196
Counseling Dr. David Kleist (208)282-3156
Medical Lab Sciences Dr. Rachel Hulse (208)282-4456
Dental Hygiene Dr. JoAnn Gurenlian (208)282-3796
Health Education Dr. Elizabeth Fore (208)282-2729
Public Health Dr. Elizabeth Fore (208)282-2729
Nursing Dr. Karen Neill (208)282-2132
Physical Therapy Dr. Jim Creelman (208)282-4095
Occupational Therapy Dr. Brian Gee (208)282-4095
Physician Assistant Studies Dr. Paula Phelps (208)282-4726
Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Sciences Dr. Dana Diedrich (208)282-2682
Pharmacy Practice and Adminstrative Services Dr. Christopher Owens (208)282-2586


921 South 8th Avenue
Pocatello, Idaho, 83209