Fall 2008 Newsletter

Graduate School Vision/Mission

Idaho State University Graduate School Vision Statement. The Graduate School at Idaho State University provides and supports exemplary service to its constituents (e.g., prospective and current students, faculty, departments, alumni) by working to increase national and international awareness of the high quality graduate education experience available at Idaho State University, by its positive and proactive response to technological change, and by its commitment to, and advocacy of, rigorous, fair, and consistent support of graduate students and programs.

Idaho State University Graduate School Mission Statement . The Graduate School at Idaho State University provides quality control for and to the Idaho State University graduate education experience. Our mission is realized through high quality, effective, efficient, and courteous service to individuals and programs involved in graduate education.

Graduate School Staff

Upcoming Dates & Deadlines

  • Deadline to apply for May 2009 graduation:
    January 23, 2009.
  • Deadline for filing programs of study with the Graduate School:
    Prior to the semester the student plans to graduate.

Graduate School Policy Information

Did you know... faculty who have not yet been awarded graduate faculty status can be granted a waiver from the Graduate School on a year-by-year basis (for a year or so, while they are working to qualify for graduate faculty status), to allow them to teach graduate level courses and/or serve as members on graduate thesis/dissertation and exam committees. Waiver requests should be submitted to the Graduate School by Department Chairs in memo form. Waiver request memos should include: (a) request specifics regarding teaching and/or committee membership, (b) supporting rationale, and (c) an attached copy of the faculty member's vitae.

Graduate Council

Graduate Council Minutes

Quick Facts

  • As of Fall 2008 graduate students make up 16.4% of the academic student population.
  • A slight majority are part-time students (1002 versus 861 full-time), and female (1019 female/844 male).
  • The majority are master's level students (505 part-time female/351 full-time female, and 324 part-time male/264 full-time male).
  • At the doctoral level, more students are full-time (58 part-time female/105 full-time female, and 115 part-time male/141 full-time male).
  • In summary, our "dominant" demographic is a 35 year old part-time female graduate student.

Message from the Dean

Graduate Education and the Public Good

Welcome to the first issue of the Graduate School newsletter! This newsletter is the result of the dedicated work of the following individuals: Dr. Cynthia Pemberton (Associate Dean, Graduate School), Anna Siddoway (Student worker in the Graduate School), and the officers of the Graduate Student Association (GSA), and I sincerely thank them. This newsletter is one of several vehicles that we are going to be using to publicize the happenings and issues related to graduate education at Idaho State University. It is scheduled to be published one time each semester.

The Graduate School is different than it was a couple of years ago, and will continue to change with the new initiatives we will propose. As graduate dean, I feel it is incumbent upon all of us as citizens to recognize the importance of the contributions that graduate education has made to our society. We must also continue to support graduate education, regardless of the economic situation. The following quote from Dr. Debra Stewart, the President of the Council of Graduate Schools, illustrates the importance of graduate education:

“America’s graduate schools produce the people with the advanced knowledge, skills and abilities essential to guaranteeing the country’s economic and social prosperity. Fostering, nurturing and improving graduate education and graduate programs ensures a healthy future for our country. America’s graduate schools produce the “breakthrough” thinkers - creative, innovative and committed to pushing the boundaries of their fields. We graduate people who can understand, use and develop methodologies of inquiry and research; people able to synthesize complex information within their own field and across related fields; scholars and professionals who routinely demonstrate and exercise critical analytical judgment. And with these core skills and abilities, graduate degree-holders create new ways of understanding, allowing us to solve the complex, compelling issues of our times.”  (Stewart, 2008)

We hope you enjoy the Graduate School newsletter.

-Tom Jackson, Dean of Graduate School

Graduate Student Research

PhotobucketJohn Larkin, from Boise, is working in the laboratory of Dr. Dan Selvage, Assistant Professor in the Department of Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Sciences. He will complete the M.S. in Pharmaceutical Sciences during the Spring 2009 semester. John is interested in how alcohol causes health problems by activating the body’s stress response system. He has discovered that high circulating levels of estrogen in females significantly alter the ability of alcohol to stimulate brain-mediated stress responses. These findings could in part explain why females tend to suffer negative physical consequences of alcohol more severely than males.

John has presented portions of his work at the Snake River Association for Neuroscience, our local chapter of the Society for Neuroscience, at the national meeting of the Research Society on Alcoholism, and at an international meeting in Montreal on the stress response system.

“It is very rare for a student in the early stages of their graduate career to have such an exciting body of work and to have already presented at several national or international scientific conferences” (Dr. Fred Risinger, Professor and Chair of the Department of Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Sciences).

After completing the M.S., John will pursue the Ph.D. in Pharmaceutical Sciences at Idaho State University.



Did you know... that ISU proudly boasts over 60 graduate degree programs (master's, specialists, and doctorate) across over 30 different departments? We've got quite a bit going on!

"Creating a Community of Connection"

Created by: Ms. Anna Siddoway

from the GSA President

The Graduate Student Association (GSA) is an ASISU club that supports the Graduate School and Graduate education at ISU. Our primary purpose is to recruit, welcome, mentor, and serve as role models for graduate students at ISU. We encourage the promotion of academic persistence as well as graduate student networking opportunities through discussions and debates on issues affecting graduate students. An important goal of our organization is to encourage graduate research through recognition of outstanding accomplishments of individuals and groups.

The GSA meets every second Friday of the month throughout the semester at a social gathering called 2nd Friday where we connect, and share and air graduate student issues and concerns over refreshments. Students across disciplines and colleges are invited to attend.

-Devshikha Bose, GSA President

Graduate Student Association

2nd Fridays

Creating a community of connection! Idaho State University graduate students are invited to attend the Graduate Student Association Fall 2008 2nd Fridays. These “get-togethers” take place from 4:00-5:30 pm. Light refreshments are provided. Fall meeting schedule & programming.

  • November 14
    Graduate Student Research/Writing Support & Opportunities @ Rendezvous Bldg, Suites AB
  • December 12
    Celebrating the Semester...you made it! @ Rendezvous Bldg, Suites AB


Student Support Services

Recruiting Initiatives

We're working to support you! The Graduate School has launched a number of recruiting initiatives, ranging from print media and online advertising (locally, regionally and internationally), to webpage updating, and targeted on-site visits to selected schools in Oregon, Washington, California, Utah, Arizona, and of course, Idaho. In fact, our Coordinator of Graduate Promotion and Recruitment, Mr. Steve Bezdeka, is on the road this fall making connections and establishing relationships to better serve all our graduate program recruiting needs.


International Students

Did you know...the ISU Graduate School has 156 International students from 65 different countries?

International Programs Office