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Message from the Dean & Associate Dean

In these challenging times we at the Graduate School, remain committed to and focused on efforts and actions to support high quality graduate education at Idaho State University. To that end, we aspire to be a leading driver of high quality graduate education, dedicated to the embodiment of academic and creative excellence, resulting in scholars, researchers and practitioners committed to and capable of continually broadening the scope of academic discourse, discovery and innovation.

In working to achieve this vision, …[t]he Graduate School promotes and supports excellence in graduate education. In realizing this mission, the Graduate School acts to recruit, support, retain, and matriculate scholars, researchers, and practitioners educationally empowered as critical thinking citizens and agents of innovation, opportunity and change.


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Graduate Student Association Spring 2011 Happenings!

Our GSA 2nd Friday programming will move to the lunch hour on Friday February 11th (North Fork room, PSUB), and March 11th (Selway room, PSUB). Light lunch foods will be provided.

  • Of special note, our March 11th event will feature Associate Professor, Robin Jenkins, MA from Georgia Perimeter College Atlanta, GA. Mr. Jenkins will speak on Building a Career in America’s Community Colleges. Interested students and faculty are encouraged to attend.

Rob Jenkins

  • The April 8th 2nd Friday event will be the graduate student Research and Creative Excellence Symposium (Rendezvous ABC, from 3-6 pm). Graduate Students interested in submitting poster presentation proposals should contact the Office of Research .



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The Graduate School Recognizes and Congratulates our 2010-2011 Graduate School/Provost’s “Special Travel Fund” award recipients. Read on about the good work ISU faculty and students are engaging and disseminating.

Fall 2010

Associate Professor Shawn Bearden, Ph.D. presented with graduate student Cheng-Hung Chen, Homocysteine Modulates the Density and Composition of Myoendothelial Junctions, Homocysteine Induces Phosphorylation of Y731 on VE-cadherin by Activating a Metabotropic-to-Ionotropic Glutamate Receptor Cascade, Homocysteine Increases Cerebral EC Barrier Permeability Through the NMDA Receptor in Vitro and in Vivo at the American Heart Association Scientific Sessions.

Assistant Professor Michele Brumley, Ph.D. presented with graduate student Megan Roberto, Effects of Perinatal Experience on Motor Coordination in Newborn Rats, Developmental Changes in Hindlimb Coordination during the Leg Extension Response Evoked by Anogenital Stimulation, Posture Modulates Quipazine-Induced Air-Stepping Behavior in the Newborn Rat, and the Development and Sensory Regulation of Stepping Behavior in the Newborn Rat at the Annual Meeting for the International Society for Developmental Psychobiology.

Professor Elizabeth Cartwright, Ph.D. presented Circuits, Currents, and Cascades: Energy in Transit/ion Around the Globe at the American Anthropology Association Meeting.

Assistant Professor John Dudgeon, Ph.D. presented with graduate student Monica Tromp, Trace Elements, Residues and DNA Microsatellite Data in Archaeological Mobility Studies: Evaluating Demographic Barriers to Panmixia in Rapa Nui (Easter Island) at the 109th Annual Meeting of the American Anthropological Association.

Associate Professor Matthew Germino, Ph.D. presented Elevation Effects on Ecophysiology and Exotic Bromus Grasses in Agroecosystems at the Subalpine & Alpine Species Range Shifts with Climate, and Great Basin Research and Management Meetings.

Professor Dennis Krumwiede, Ph.D. presented three peer-reviewed conference papers at the Decision Sciences Institute’s Annual Conference.

Professor James Lai, Ph.D. presented a poster session with graduate student Yin Yin (Wendy) Wong, at the 40th Annual Meeting of Neuroscience.

Professor Michael McCurry, Ph.D. presented with graduate student Shoshawna Covington,  How Universities Can Benefit Tribal Renewable Energy Development Efforts Through Collaboration and Partnerships at the 2010 American Indian Science and Engineering Society National Conference.

Professor Subbaram Naidu, Ph.D. presented Precision Grasping of a Prosthetic Hand Based upon Virtual Spring Damper Hypothesis and An Hybrid Adaptive Data Fusion with Linear and Nonlinear Models for Skeletal Muscle Force Estimation at the 5th Cairo International Conference on Biomedical Engineering.

Associate Professor Joshua Pak, Ph.D. presented From Chemistry of I-III Binuclear Molecular Single Source Precursors to Formation of I-III-V12 Nanoparticles and Related Materials at the International Chemistry Congress of Pacific Basin Societies.

Assistant Professor David Peterson, Ph.D. presented with graduate student Whitnie Rauh, What Moves Between the Margins? Metallurgy, Networks and Social Identity in Ancient Eurasia at the Annual Meeting of the American Anthropological Association.

Professor Mark Roberts, Ph.D. presented a poster session with graduate student Cy Nadler, Parent-collected Home Data: An Empirical Comparison of Methods at the 44th Association of Behavior and Cognitive Therapies Convention.

Associate Dean, Tony Seikel, Ph.D. presented four poster sessions with six graduates of the Speech-Pathology master’s program at the American Speech-Language Hearing Association Annual Meeting.

Associate Professor James Skidmore, Ph.D. presented Conscientious Refusal in Medicine: Problems with the Standard Compromise at the Intermountain Philosophy Conference.

Associate Professor Curtis Whitaker, Ph.D. presented Bioaesthetics and the West at Under Western Skies: Climate, Culture, and Change in Western North America Conference.

Professor James Wolper, Ph.D. presented The Information-Theoretic Schottky Problem at the V Iberoamerican Congress on Geometry.

Spring 2011

Professor Virginia Allen, Ed.D. will present Forensic Counseling: How Licensed Counselors & the Family Law Legal System Work Together at the American Counseling Association International Conference.

Professor Steven Byers, Ph.D. will present Finance and Organized Crime: A Primer at the American Society of Business and Behavioral Sciences Annual Meeting.

Assistant Professor Caroline Faure, Ed.D. presented Concussion and the Adolescent Athlete: Critical Management Strategies for School/Sport Administrators and Coaches at the Hawaii International Conference on Education.

Professor Ann Hackert, Ph.D. will present Roth IRA, Critical Incident at the Society for Case Research Meeting – Midwest Business Allied Association.

Associate Professor Harold Hellwig, Ph.D. presented Innocence at Home: Angelfish, Stormfield, and Mark Twain’s Final Denial of Time at the Modern Language Association Annual Conference.

Assistant Professor Elizabeth Horn (Doughty), Ph.D. will present with graduate students Cyndia Glorfield and Adriana Wissel, Current Trends in Grief Counseling at the American Counseling Association Conference.

Professor James Jolly, Ph.D. presented  Global Issues in MBA Curricula: A Study of Course Requirements in U.S. Colleges of Business at the American Society of Business and Behavioral Sciences.

Professor John Kalivas, Ph.D. will present Updating a Synchronous Fluorescence Spectroscopic Virgin Olive Oil Adulteration Calibration to a New Geographical Region at the 102nd American Oil Chemist’s Society.

Associate Professor Steven Lawyer, Ph.D. will present with graduate student Frederick Schoepflin, Predicting Sexual Outcomes with Discounting for Money versus Sexual Activity at the Association for Behavior Analysis International Symposium.

Professor Leonid Hanin, Ph.D. will present The End of Linear-Quadratic Era in Radiation Biology at the 8th European Conference on Mathematical and Theoretical Biology and the Annual Meeting of the International Society for Mathematical Biology.

Associate Professor Tera Letzring, Ph.D. presented with graduate student Cliff Rone,  Being Conscientious Benefits More than Performance: Associations with Interpersonal Relationships; Using Personality Traits to Predict General Affective States at the Society for Personality and Social Psychology.

Associate Lecturer Shu-Yuan Lin, Ed.D. will present on Building on ELL’s Competencies in Writing Classes Around the Globe at the Teaching of English as a Second Language Convention.

Professor Kathy Lund Dean, Ph.D. will present Ethics Across the Curriculum Initiatives & Experiential Learning Theory at Bond University (Gold Coast, Australia).

Professor Tracy Payne, Ph.D. will present Geometry of Nilpotent Lie Groups at the American Mathematical Society Sectional Meeting.

Professor Roger Schmidt, Ph.D. will present How to Forge a Jane Austen Manuscript at the Innovative Course Design Session of the American Society of 18th Century Studies’ Annual Convention.

Associate Professor Ken Trimmer, Ph.D. presented Information Technology in Healthcare: IT Adoption and Evaluation in Healthcare at the 44th Hawaiian International Conference on System Sciences.

Professor Kenneth Rodnick, Ph.D. presented Measurement of Glycated Hemoglobin in Rainbow Trout at the Society of Integrative and Comparative Biology.

Associate Professor Matthew Sanger, Ph.D. will present Getting into and Getting Beyond Modeling as a Means of Moral Education, Responding to Candidates’ Beliefs about the Moral Work of Teaching, and David Hansen’s Cosmopolitanism and Moral Education at the American Educational Research Association’s Annual Conference.

Professor Sharon Lynn Sieber, Ph.D. will present with graduate student Jessica Taylor-Edwards, Magical Realism and Verisimilitude in Film and Narrative at the International Association of the Fantastic in the Arts.

Professor William Stratton, Ph.D. will present One Man’s View of Two Leaders at the MBAA International Conference.