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Academic Dishonesty Policy

The Health Education (HE) program, formerly of the Department of Health and Nutrition Sciences, faculty and staff consider academic dishonesty a serious offense. Throughout the academic experience of HE students, there are assignments and projects that are completed where it is imperative that students ensure they practice academic integrity, such as using citations to provide credit when appropriate.

We've developed an academic dishonesty policy document to clarify to its students the meaning and potential penalties for practicing any form of academic dishonesty.

The Idaho State University (ISU) Faculty / Staff Handbook served as the template for the program's academic dishonesty policy. The ISU Faculty / Staff Handbook provides a thorough discussion regarding academic dishonesty in Part 6. Student Affairs, Section IX. Student Conduct, which is included in its entirety in the HE policy. Any changes that have been made to the original document in the ISU Faculty Handbook is indicated with brackets ([ ]) or with a citation indicating the source.

American Psychological Association (APA) Style Resources

Many HE faculty require or recommend APA-style formatting for various assignments, including, but not limited to: research papers, projects, and theses. Included below is a partial list of helpful APA-style resources. Please contact your professor if you have any questions regarding the correct usage of APA-style formatting.




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