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SimManSimMan is a portable and advanced patient simulator for team training. SimMan has realistic anatomy and clinical functionality. SimMan provides simulation-based education to challenge and test students' clinical and decision-making skills during realistic patient care scenarios. SimMan includes well-proven software and an interactive technologically advanced manikin allowing learners to practice the emergency treatment of patients.

Pocatello: 5 Boise: 3 Idaho Falls: 1



SimBabySimBaby is the portable advanced infant patient simulator for team training. SimBaby has realistic anatomy and clinical functionality that enables simulation training. SimBaby includes software with video debriefing and an interactive technologically advanced manikin allowing learners to practice the emergency treatment of infant patients.

Pocatello: 2 Boise: 2 Idaho Falls: 1


NoelleNoelle is a maternal and neonatal birthing simulator. It combines patient care with childbirth simulation. This is a full-size articulating female simulator and is designed to provide a complete birthing experience before, during, and after delivery.

Pocatello: 2 Boise: 2

MicroSim is a computer-based self-directed learning system for emergency medicine. The software contains modules with patient scenarios based on specific learning objectives for training in medical knowledge, problem solving, and decision making in Advanced Life Support (ALS) and CBRNE for Military. Developed in cooperation with leading emergency medicine authorities, the system is designed to be used in initial and continued education. (CME/CEH/CE credit-approved)

Pocatello: 71 licenses Boise: 21 licenses

VirtualIVVirtual IV is a comprehensive and fully interactive self-directed learning system for training intravenous catheterization. Powerful 3D graphics provide visual realism, while a state-of-the-art force feedback device accurately simulates the sense of touch for a truly immersive experience. Virtual patients respond with bleeding, bruising, swelling, as well as other patho-physiological reactions. Over a dozen pieces of virtual equipment can be used to perform the medical procedure. It provides unprecedented depth with over 150 distinct case scenarios. There are over forty unique patient models span human anatomy and physiology. The Virtual I.V. Self-Directed Learning System records and evaluates students' performance and presents a thorough debriefing following each case. The debriefing gives students both positive reinforcement, as well as clear instruction that can be used to improve their abilities and their training.

Pocatello: 2 adult, 1 pediatric Boise: 1 adult, 1 pediatric

Auscultation Trainer & SmartScopeAuscultation Trainer & SmartScope: The instructor selects from a menu of heart and lung conditions by wireless remote control. The realistic manikin lacks visible auscultation sites and challenges the student to palpate the correct locations for listening to either the heart or lung sounds. By positioning the SmartScope with either the single or the double training stethoscope over the corresponding location, the sounds selected by the instructor are audible to the student. The student then states a diagnosis according to the evidence found in the heart and lung conditions. Students auscultate 6 heart locations and four lung areas anteriorly, and 12 lung locales posteriorly.

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