Division of Health Sciences Leadership Team

Dr. Linda Hatzenbuehler, Vice Provost and Executive Dean, Division of Health Sciences
Dr. Nancy Renn, Interim Director, School of Nursing
Dr. Nancy Devine, Associate Dean and Director, School of Rehabilitation and Communication Sciences;
Dr. Brian Crawford, Coordinator, Office of Medical and Oral Health;
Dr. Linda Rankin, Associate Dean, Division of Health Sciences;
Dr. Rex Force, Associate Dean for Clinical Research;
Dr. Paul Cady, Dean, College of Pharmacy;
Dr. Tracy Farnsworth, Associate Dean and Director, Kasiska School of Health Professions;

About Health Sciences

Organizational Chart

DHS Strategic Plan

Mission Statement

Idaho State University's Division of Health Sciences provides leadership in the delivery of rural health care by educating caring and competent professionals across all dimensions of health and promotes collaborative research and practice in the health sciences.


The Division of Health Sciences is a destination site for health profession education.

Core Values

Professional Integrity - Promoting professional ethical standards and respecting the integrated roles of all health professionals
Holistic Approach to Health - Emphasizing a comprehensive view of human heath, including curative and preventive dimensions
Collaboration - Recognizing the value of internal and external partnerships through professional and community engagement.
Discovery and Innovation - Seeking new evidence to improve health
Dedication - Support to the mission and vision of the DHS
Excellence - Striving for excellence in all aspects of professional, academic and personal endeavors

Goal Areas

Goal 1 - To provide high quality programs that are efficient, cost effective, and student oriented.
Goal 2 - To create an environment conducive to inquiry.
Goal 3 - To expand the DHS image as a destination site for health professions education.

Economic Impact Study

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Annual Reports from the former Kasiska College of Health Professions



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