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Order Information

  • Mailing tubes are available on request ($5/ea)

  • If the Date Ordered to Date Delivered/Requested is less than 4 business days, a $25 service fee will be applied to the order. A service fee may also be included for orders requiring additional editing or orders requesting special materials. Shipping charges are also included in this section if the completed product is to be mailed. Mailing tubes charges ($5.00 each) will be included with the shipping charges

  • A tax fee of 6% will be added to the total if the order is made to come out of an index code made for a student account, if a student is paying for poster, or if it is being ordered outside of Idaho State University.

  • Idaho State University is not responsible for editing errors (i.e., grammatical errors, typo's etc.) and color changes. It is your responsibility to proof your poster before submitting it to us for printing.

    PDF or Powerpoint should be emailed to Anne Jacobs