History Department

Faculty Activities:

  • Dr. Yolonda Youngs is now an Apple Distinguished Educator! She was accepted into an elite, international group of faculty working to apply new technology to teaching and learning. This stems from her work, along with other History faculty, to use iPads in the classroom.
  • Dr. John "Jack" Owens assisted the Institute for European Global Studies of the University of Basel, Switzerland to stage a special "Workshop: Digital Humanities for European Studies".
    Quote from the Institute's report, "The keynote speaker was the historian Jack Owens. The research professor from Idaho State University opened the event with an overview of “The State of the Art” in the field of digital humanities and later presented a lecture on Geographical Information Systems (GIS)."
  • Dr. Jason Crouthamel of Grand Valley State University spoke on February 9 on "Masculinity, Sexuality, and German Soldiers in the First World War". His talk was sponsed by Women Studies and the Committee for the Study of Conflict, Violence, and War in Society and organized by Dr. Erika Kuhlman and Dr. Justin Dolan Stover.
  • Dr. Justin Dolan Stover organized a print exhibit “Les Misères de la Guerre: French perspectives of the First World War,” held in the ISU Davis Gallery in February.
  • Dr. Yolonda Youngs presented a poster at the annual meeting of the Association of American Geographers in April on “The Portneuf River: Using StoryMaps to Engage Stakeholders about Culture, Ecology, and Recreation.” In March she will present a poster at the annual meeting of the American Society for Environmental History.
  • Dr. Yolonda Youngs attended an NEH workshop in Boise to help develop further funding proposals.
  • Dr. Stephanie Christelow will present a paper in May at the annual medieval history conference at Western Michigan University.
  • Dr. Justin Stover will spend two months this summer researching in archives in Dublin, funded by a prestigious fellowship from Boston College.
  • Dr. Kevin Marsh was nominated and invited by the Graduate Student Council of the Western History Association to present as a "teaching rock-star" at the WHA annual meeting in October.
  • Dr. Paul Sivitz presented "Making America In His Own Image: Pehr Kalm, Publishing, and the Pursuit of Science" in February at the 6th Norwegian Conference on the History of Science.


    HRM Graduate Student Activities:

    Spring 2015:

    • Congratulations to Kristine Hunt who won the best oral presentation award in the History and Society category at the 2015 ISU Graduate Student Research Day! Nate Williams and Bill Hathaway also presented their research that day.
    • Amanda Poitevin will serve as a museum intern at Grand Teton National Park for the summer.
    • The Grad Student Reading Group met on 29 January for the first meeting of the semester, hosted by Nate Williams and sponsored by Dr. Paul Sivitz. The group will meet at least once monthly through the end of the semester.
    • Both Josh Eppley and Ian Berdanier presented at separate sessions of the College of Arts and Letters monthly colloquium on narrative.
    • Jessi Donnelly is serving an internship with the Bonneville County Heritage Association. Jessi is creating a publication for the Idaho Day celebration in Idaho Falls.
    • Nate Williams is interning at the Eli M. Oboler Library Special Collections department.
    • Kiara Wanner is interning with the ISU College of Technology conducting spatial analysis of donation patterns to enhance college development strategies.
    • Ian Berdanier is working at the ISU Writing Center 3-4 hours a week tutoring students.
    • In April, Jessi Donnelly was invited to present on a panel on digital history at the annual Association of American Geographers conference in Chicago, IL.
    • In April, Kristine Hunt will present a paper at the annual British Scholar Society conference in Austin, TX.

      Fall 2014:

    • The Grad Student Reading Group had four meetings during the Fall semester. The group discussed four journal articles from a variety of history specialties, hosted by Nate Williams and sponsored by Dr. Paul Sivitz.
    • Joshua Eppley, Kristine Hunt and Nate Williams presented guest lectures in three of HIST1118 US History and Culture sections.
    • In September, Ian Berdanier (poster) , Joshua Eppley (paper) and Greg Farley (poster) presented at the annual Association of Pacific Coast Geographers in Tucson, AZ. Joshua's paper and Greg's poster were based on their work with the NSF-funded MILES project in the ISU College of Arts & Letters.
    • In October, Kristine Hunt presented a talk on scholarly editing at the monthly College of Arts & Letters Narrative Colloquium.