History Department


History B.A. Program Objectives:

The study of history involves more than the acquisition of knowledge; it also strengthens skills in research, analysis, and writing. These are among the highest elements employers seek in job candidates, and they provide the foundation for life-long learning and engaged citizenship.The Department of History has developed five Historical Thinking Objectives as a guide to the design of the undergraduate curriculum, and the department's course offerings help students to develop towards these goals. Each course in the department introduces, reinforces, and/or emphasizes one or more of these objectives, with upper-division classes focusing more on reinforcement and emphasis of these vital skills.

Historical Thinking Objectives:

  1. Explain historical developments and events in their global contexts.
  2. Identify regions as historical entities, how they are connected, and how they have changed over time.
  3. Interpret individual and collective actions in historical contexts.
  4. Analyze primary and secondary sources and develop interpretations.
  5. Develop and present historical interpretations in writing and in oral presentations.


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