History Department

History of our Program

The History Department has long been one of the leading programs in research, teaching, and community engagement at ISU. Faculty members have received numerous university-wide teaching, research, and service awards, and they publish internationally recognized research in a wide range of books and articles. You'll find our professors deeply committed to student learning and engaged with the community in presentations and projects with various schools and organizations throughout the year. Our students have won ISU Outstanding Student Awards at an unusually high rate, and across the board they actively contribute to lively and effective classes, and they build valuable experience through original research and professional internships. A History degree offers them foundational skills in writing, problem solving, and analysis that prepare them for careers in a wide variety of fields. These are the skills most valued by employers, and they are essential for adapting quickly to the rapid shifts in the modern, global economy.

The Department in recent decades has been a leader in national trends towards increasing use of digital technology in research and teaching and in transnational perspectives. We also remain a leading research institution on Idaho history. We offer the Bachelors degree in both Pocatello and Idaho Falls and we offer the Masters degree in Historical Resources Management, based on the Pocatello campus.


921 South 8th Avenue
Pocatello, Idaho, 83209