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Honors Suite, New 2016

Check out the new University Honors Program home!

All the Honors staff are now working for you in Rendezvous 304A, on the third floor right just down the hall from the elevator. You will also find plenty of lounge seating for studying and collaborating with your fellow Honors students.


The University Honors Program at Idaho State University is an elite academic program for students who aspire to a more engaging and enriching collegiate experience. The program synthesizes the idea of a structured learning community within an interdisciplinary curriculum. Each class is fashioned into small cohorts and led by extremely dedicated and passionate professors who devote themselves to the development of their students. 

The primary goals of the program are:

  1. To provide a challenging and imaginative curriculum.
  2. To prepare students for a post-graduate education through seminars, individual scholarship, and one-on-one interaction with faculty.
  3. To enhance the life of all honors students by nurturing a spirit of continued inquiry and a love of learning.

Graduates of the University Honors Program will receive Idaho’s only Honors Degree - either the Honors Bachelor of Arts, the Honors Bachelor of Science, the Honors Bachelor of Business Administration, or the Honors Bachelor of Fine Arts.

The University Honors Program offers students:

  • Priority registration throughout the student's college career
  • Small class sizes throughout the honors curriculum
  • Organized leadership and service activities outside the classroom
  • An active learning and living community on campus
  • Personal connections with honors faculty to support student growth
  • Individual undergraduate research opportunities
  • Additional scholarships reserved for honors students
  • A tremendous preparation for post-graduate studies


Honors Graduates


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