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HONS 1101 Honors Humanities I (3 credits). A writing-intensive interdisciplinary course examining relationships between the arts and letters from the Classical Age through the Enlightenment. Fulfills Objective 1 of the General Education Requirements. HONS 1101 is equivalent to ENGL 1102. Fall

HONS 1102 Honors Humanities II (3 credits). A writing-intensive interdisciplinary course examining relationships between the arts and letters from the nineteenth century to the present. Contributes to Objective 4 of the General Education Requirements for the Humanities category. Spring

Each semester, additional lower division courses are offered for Honors credit. These courses meet General Education requirements and are selected based on the needs of Honors students. Recent classes that have been taught for Honors credit include Chemistry 1111 & 1112; Biology 1101; Communication 1101; Philosophy 1101; Political Science 1101; Economics 2201; Economics 2202; Anthropology 2237; and Computer Information Systems 1101.

HONS 3391 Honors Seminar (1 credit). Exposes students to a range of critical and theoretical ideas within various disciplines. Topics vary, and faculty are encouraged to explore creative ways to present the information. Recent topics have included What Does It Mean To Be Educated, Physiology of B-grade Horror Movies.

HONS 3393 Introduction to Honors Thesis (1 credit). For students considering an Honors Thesis, this seminar will introduce the concept of an Honors Thesis, help students establish thesis ideas, help students approach a potential thesis director/chair, and help students develop a thesis proposal.

HONS 4493 Honors Project or Thesis (variable credit). Supervised by a committee of at least two members and approved by the University Honors Program Director. May be repeated for a maximum of 6 credits. PREREQ: Consent of Instructor and University Honors Program Director. Students should to take HONS 4493 during the spring semester of their final year, finalize their thesis project, and manage the defense.

Honors Contract Courses are used to meet upper division Honors credit requirements. An Honors Contract Course is a departmental course that is arranged between the student and instructor, on a case-by-case basis, to a set of requirements for the course. All Honors Contracts must be approved by the Honors Program Director. Lower division Contract Courses may only be general education objective courses that are not offered through the UHP.

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