University Honors Program

Honors Admissions Deferment Policy

The Idaho State University Honors Program (UHP) encourages high school seniors who may choose to delay their enrollment at ISU in order to perform voluntary service (church mission, U.S. military, or other government or non-profit agency) to apply during their senior year AND before the annual scholarship deadline of February 15.

An admitted Honors student who decides to delay their enrollment at ISU may submit a one-time request to defer their Honors admission to a future semester that is up to six subsequent semesters (not including the summer semesters) after the semester they were offered Honors admission. (Example: A student admitted for the Fall 2016 semester could request a deferment up to and including the Fall 2019 semester. See the table below for additional semesters.) This deferment assumes that the student:

The Honors Admission Deferment Request form must be submitted to the Honors Program by August 1 before the fall semester for which the student has been admitted. (Example: For students admitted for Fall 2016 semester, the form must be received by August 1, 2016.) See the table below for deadlines for additional semesters.

It is the admitted student's responsibility to:

Admitted students who decide to pursue volunteer service after starting their enrollment at ISU and plan to return to ISU must work with their academic advisor and the staff in Financial Aid and/or Scholarships regarding the impact on their future enrollment.

This "Honors Admissions Deferment Request" is available for U.S. citizens or permanent residents. International student applicants should contact the International Programs Office. Information on the international applicant deferral request can be found at

Semesters, Deferment and Deadlines:

Session admitted: Can defer admission until: Deadline for ISU to receive Admissions Deferment Request form:
Fall 2018 Fall 2021 8/1/2018
Fall 2019 Fall 2022 8/1/2019

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