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Learning Communities

What is a Learning Community?

A Learning Community (LC) is a group of students who live in the same area in the halls and share a common interest. Learning communities provide unique opportunities and important academic focus. Learning communities are currently available for honors students, and students interested in accounting, education, or health professions.

What Learning Communities Are Available?

For the upcoming academic year we will have the following Learning Communities:

Accounting Learning Community

College of Education Learning Community

Health Professions Learning Community

University Honors Learning Community

To apply for a learning community, choose an LC on your application when you apply for housing.

Accounting Learning Community

The Accounting Learning Community is open to both students planning to major in Accounting, and to current Accounting majors.  This is a good way for first year students to get involved with the College of Business while they are still taking classes to meet general requirements.  Highlights of this learning community will be both social events and academic events.  Participants will be active in business clubs, and will work with an upperclassman student mentor from the College of Business.

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If you have questions about the Accounting Learning Community, please contact Dr. Jeff Street at 208-282-3585 or      

College of Education Learning Community

Thinking about becoming a teacher? Already enrolled in the College of Education? Consider becoming a member of the College of Education Learning Community.

The College of Education (COE) Learning Community is open to students that are interested in enrolling in or are currently enrolled in the Teacher Education Program. This includes students that are interested in becoming an Early Childhood, Elementary, Secondary, or Special Education teacher.

This Learning Community allows students interested in pursuing a degree in Education to live together in Turner Hall. Students can thrive in this type of environment because they will often be enrolled in the same classes, can study together, and will share similar experiences in the K-12 classroom during student teaching. Fun monthly programs where students in this Learning Community participate in activities with resident advisors, other students, and faculty in the COE are also planned.

To learn more about the College of Education, including information on majors, programs of study, student teaching, and important application deadlines, please visit the College of Education website. If you have questions about the College of Education Learning Community, please contact Dr. Sara Helfrich at 208-282-2804 or

Health Professions Learning Community

The Health Professions Learning Community (HPLC) is open to all students majoring or minoring in a health professions subject area.

University Honors Learning Community

The University Honors Program (UHP) is a small community of high-achieving and enthusiastic academic students at ISU. UHP students take classes together, establish study groups, participate in extracurricular UHP activities, and form lasting friendships. The UHP Living & Learning Community furthers the development of this camaraderie by housing students together and developing stimulating, educational, and entertaining activities that make attending college a pleasure and a well-rounded educational experience. If you have been admitted to the UHP and would like this Learning Community, select the Honors LC on your Housing Application. The Honors Learning Community is in the Rendezvous Complex, and will expand into Owen Hall if the Rendezvous Complex fills.

To Apply to live in a Learning Community:
Select the LC on your University Housing application and submit your housing deposit.


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