Residence Halls

Residence Halls are best suited for freshmen and sophomores at ISU. Residence Hall living offers a strong community atmosphere and student interaction through educational, social, and cultural programming. Smoking is not permitted inside any residence halls. Possession or consumption of alcohol is likewise prohibited.

Residence Hall Features

Hall prices include all utilities, basic cable television, and wireless internet (wireless internet requires an ISU computer account). Each hall has a Residence Director (a full time professional staff member) who supervises hall staff and oversees hall operations. Each building also has trained student staff serving as Resident Assistants and Safety Assistants. At least one staff member is always on-call to assist with any problems.

For more information on the unique features of each hall, follow these links:

Cost Information

Residence Hall Rates 2016-2017 (semester rates):

Turner/Redfield/Owen/Nichols/Dyer Double Occupancy Rate: $1356.00
Turner/Redfield/Owen/Nichols/Dyer Private Room Rate (if available): $1836.00
Schubert Heights Double Occupancy (must be at least 19 years of age or sophomore standing): $1530
Schubert Heights Studio (must be at least 19 years of age or sophomore standing): $2200
Rendezvous Center Rate (suite style living, preference to upperclassmen): $1938.00

Residence halls are charged per semester, though the license agreement is for one academic year (fall and spring semesters). This price includes:

  • Utilities (water, sewer, gas, electricity)
  • Wireless internet (requires ISU computer account)
  • Basic cable television

A $150 deposit is required in order to complete and process the application.

Hall residents below the class level of Junior are required to have a residential meal plan. Meal plans are not required for those residents living in Schubert Heights.

Payment Policy

Residence hall and meal plan payments are due by the dates as established in the tuition and fee schedule for ISU, unless the resident is paying through ISU's installment loan program. An affordable payment plan is available. See for payment plan information and instructions. For students not using the installment loan program a $50 late fee is assessed on amounts not paid by Monday of the first week of classes. Another $50 late fee is assessed if fees are not paid by the tenth day of class. Late fees will only be waived upon approval of the Director of Housing.

During the second week of the semester no-shows and meal plans will be processed and charges will be adjusted accordingly.

Payment plans may be accepted, but only when all awarded financial aid has been exhausted, including Pell grants, scholarships, subsidized loans, unsubsidized loans, Parent Plus loans, etc.

If the meal plan is not paid in full, and the student is not using an ISU installment loan, the meal plan will be deactivated until paid in full. The full meal plan price must be paid whether the meal plan is active or inactive.

If housing and/or meal plan charges are not paid in full by the time they are due, and no payment arrangements have been made, action may be taken up to and including eviction.

For information about setting up a payment plan (installment loan) with the University, see the section titled "Student Financial Services" at the Finance & Administration homepage.

* These rates are the proposed 2015-2016 academic year rates. Rates are tentative until approved by the Idaho State Board of Education. Each rate for the residence halls is a semester charge. Each rate for the apartments is a monthly charge. University Housing Department, 921 S 8th Ave, Stop 8083, Pocatello, ID 83209,, e-mail, Phone: (208) 282-2120, Fax: (208) 282-3786


921 South 8th Avenue
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