Application for Ph.D. in Counselor Education and Counseling Program

Application/Admission Requirements

In order to be admitted, applicants are required to complete the on-campus interview process with the Department of Counseling Admissions Committee. Generally, preference for interviews is given to prospective students who meet all of the requirements.

Admission to the Department of Counseling doctoral program is competitive; satisfactory completion of the entry level Graduate School requirements does not guarantee acceptance. The program only accepts six (6) applicants per year. Four for the Pocatello campus and two for the Meridian campus.

Where do I apply for the program?

To apply to Graduate School and Department of Counseling, go to http://www.isu.edu/apply/ and click on Graduate Application for Spring, Summer, Fall 2018. The application materials for the Ph.D. in Counselor Education and Counseling program must be submitted by December 15 to be considered for admission for the following academic year.

What are the requirements for admission?

General Requirements of the Graduate School:

1.  Have a bachelor's degree from a college or university accredited in  the United States or its equivalent from a school in another country.     (Must complete degree before onset of classes in the Fall semester in year of acceptance.)

2.  All applicants admitted into the counseling program will meet a     common set of minimal admission standards. These standards         include:

NOTE: The method of calculating an admission GPA is based on the last 60Ī semester credits (90Ī quarter credits), using complete semesters (quarters). In the case of those students who have not completed the master's degree, the grade point average will be calculated on the last 60 credits at the time of application. If the applicant does not meet both GPA and percentile requirements, but meets on of the parameters, they can be admitted with performance requirements.

Department of Counseling Selection Criteria for Doctoral Study

In addition to the general requirements of the Graduate School, persons applying for admission to the Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) program in Counselor Education and Counseling must meet the following criteria for selection. Applicants must have:

1. A masterís degree from a CACREP accredited program and be     licensed as a counselor in Idaho or a state with comparable          requirements.


A masterís degree in counseling and be a Nationally Certified
Counselor and apply for an Idaho Counseling License upon admission to the doctoral program.

A masterís degree in counseling, one year of full-time post-masterís degree counseling experience, graduate course work curriculum requirements in all of the CACREP common core areas, and be a Nationally Certified Counselor or Idaho Licensed Counselor.

2. Doctoral students who have earned their masterís degree from a CACREP accredited program will be assumed to have entry level knowledge in core and major course areas. Those not graduating from a CACREP accredited program will have their transcripts evaluated by the Department Chair to determine knowledge base deficiencies.

3. Selected applicants will be interviewed by the Department of Counseling Admissions Committee as part of the admission procedure. The Admissions Committee will make the final decision regarding admission. This decision will be based on grade point and test score rankings as well as the Committee's impression of the applicant's interpersonal style and compatibility of personality with the program's training philosophy.

4. Only applicants who have submitted all materials on or before the application deadline will have their material reviewed by the Department of Counseling Admissions Committee to determine status as a competitive, qualified applicant.

   PLEASE NOTE: The Department of Counseling interviews applicants, and
admits students yearly during the spring semester for course work beginning the next fall semester.

Is your program available on-line?
No. All classes are on campus.

Is an official transcript required if I graduated from ISU?
Yes. The Graduate School will contract Registration for this transcript.

Financial Aid

The doctoral program offers a Graduate Teaching Assistantship with a waiver of tuition.


Application Schedule

Doctoral of Philosophy (Ph.D.) Degree in Counselor Education and Counseling applications will be accepted through December 15. A secondary admissions process may be conducted if the program has not filled all seats with high quality applicants. Please contact the Department of Counseling for more information.

August 15-
December 15
Apply to Graduate School and Department of
December 15- 22
Applications reviewed by Department of Counseling Admission Committee.
January 1:
Candidates selected for on-campus interviews
Second or Third week of January
On campus interview day for all prospective doctoral students.
February 1
Applicants informed of admission decisions.
March 15
Secondary admissions group if needed.
Approximately May 1
Notify alternates of admission (if applicable)
New Graduate Student Surveys Sent/Returned.
Advisor Assignment Letter Sent
Registration for Fall Semester Classes


Application Fees:

Program Costs (Subject to Change Without Notice)

Application Fees:
ISU Graduate School            $60.00

ISU Department of Counseling    $30.00

Tuition and Course Fees

See Finance and Administration for current tuition and other fees.

Program Fees:

Liability Insurance    $15.00/year

Program Fee        $495.00/semester

This money is used to fund materials and supplies, equipment associated with classrooms, lab, and clinic rooms, departmental equipment such as computers and software, and support for faculty and student research including the dissemination of research findings.

Additional costs include, but are not necessarily limited to,

books/learning materials, graduation fees, and registration fees to

attend professional conferences.          



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