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Nancy Davis Cluff

Nancy Davis Cluff (2006) writes "For those of you who wonder who ended up at Marsh Valley--it is I. Marsh Valley is a well kept little secret. So, for those who have been saying, just wait a while and Marsh Valley will open up--no more--I am staying. WE love it here! I am also seeing a few clients at Center Counseling one night a week. None of us miss Rexburg (except I DO miss Wal-Mart a little). My younger children are thriving and have lots of friends. As you drive by on the freeway we live in the little house on the school grounds between the soccor field and the football field. When we're feeling good about it, we say we live in the "end zone." Other days we laugh and tell people we live in the parking lot! Our latest excitment is the purchase of 8-acres up by "the gap" west on Arimo Road. It has a creek running through it and deer all year long. Hope to build soon. Missing you all and hoping you are all finding joy in your work." ncluff@mvsd21.org (3/07)

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