Employment for Master of Counseling Students

Graduate Assistantships

On occasion, assistantships are available through various Student Activities Offices for persons interested in working in a student personnel setting. If funding permits, an assistantship with the Department of Counseling may be available.

Residence Hall Assistants

Positions as Resident Directors are available in the residence halls. Contact the Director of University Housing (208) 282-2120.

College Work Study

Although it is difficult to apply for the following positions before arriving on campus, many graduate students do find employment through College Work Study. The initial contact is usually through the Financial Aid Office, (208) 282-4888. Your application must be received by March 1 of the previous academic year.

  1. Student personnel offices and departments, including the Department of Counseling, on campus employ graduate students through College Work Study. The standard rate is minimum wage/hour for a maximum of 20 hours/week.
  2. The College of Applied Technology in the areas of Adult Basic Education (ABE) and the prevocational programs employs graduate students. Contact the ABE at (208) 282-2468.

Additional Part-Time Jobs

Some positions not covered by College Work Study or an assistantship title are available on campus. These positions are usually paid on an hourly basis and are simply considered part-time employment. Contact the Career Center (208 282-2380) or the Student Employment Office at (208) 282-2778.

Last Modified: 09/15/15