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Career Counseling

Counselors are available to assist you individually with your career exploration. Our counselors utilize a number of resources to guide you through this process. Come in to Counseling, Testing and Career Services in room 223 of the Bennion Student Union to schedule an appointment with a career counselor. We offer resume reviews, mock interviews, and assistance with job search strategies. We also have computerized assessment instruments which are used to assist in career decision-making. The counselor will recommend which assessments are appropriate based on the client's needs and where the person is in the career development process.


FOCUS-2 is Idaho State University's online career and education planning system. FOCUS-2 is a self-paced career guidance tool designed to help you select the right major, clarify your career goals, and provide you with valuable occupation information.

Focus-2 provides:

Focus-2 answers the questions:


The Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is the most widely used personality inventory. It is used to increase self-awareness and to help individuals understand and appreciate the differences of others. The MBTI measures preferences in four different areas and produces a personality type for each individual. It assists in career decision-making by providing information about what personality types are most often represented in different career fields. This instrument requires a follow-up appointment with a career counselor to interpret the results, and there is a fee for taking the MBTI.


The Strong Interest Inventory (SII) measures interests in a broad range of occupations, work activities, leisure activities, and school subjects. It provides a comparison of individual interests with people working in different occupations who are satisfied with their career choices. It increases self-awareness by suggesting particular environments in which individuals like to learn and work, and types of activities people find satisfying. This instrument requires a follow-up appointment with a career counselor to interpret the results, and there is a fee for taking the SII.

Career & Life Planning Classes

COUN 150, Career and Life Planning, is a 1 credit course taught each semester in both Pocatello and Idaho Falls. It emphasizes self-understanding and the career decision-making process. Course Description: Centers on theories and actual processes of effective decision-making with direct application to participants' short and long range life goals. Course will emphasize self- understanding and methods for gathering appropriate external information. Career decisions are emphasized.

Career Counseling Fees:

Career Counseling is free for ISU students, faculty, staff, and alumni. Community members are welcome to come in for career counseling as well, but there is a fee for each session after the initial visit.


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