Idaho National Laboratory Employee Information for Idaho State University

Steps for INL Employees to Receive their Education Benefits at Idaho State University

  1. Employees of the Idaho National Laboratory should complete the steps for admission to Idaho State University which are outlined at
  2. Once admitted to Idaho State University, employees of INL should complete the appropriate Fundamentals of Advising and Registration (FAR) session at
  3. Once the FAR session is complete, register for classes through BengalWeb ( For assistance with registration, please schedule an appointment with an academic advisor.
    • Advising in Idaho Falls - Contact Student Services at 208-282-7800 (#1)
    • Advising in Pocatello - Contact Central Academic Advising at 208-282-3277
  4. After registering for courses, the INL employee must meet with an advisor for a signed degree plan declaring major and catalog year for the employee to submit to the INL Employee Education Program.
    1. To schedule an appointment with an academic advisor in Idaho Falls, please contact the Student Services office at 208-282-7800 (#1).
    2. To schedule an appointment with a faculty advisor, please contact the appropriate department. Department information can be found in the ISU Directory (
    3. Degree plans can be found at the following link:
  5. The INL employee needs to complete and submit the Course Authorization Form and follow the procedures outlined on the Employee Education Programs website, as well as submit the signed degree plan to the INL Employee Education Program.
  6. The University will verify that registered courses match those submitted on the Course Authorization Form and process approvals accordingly.
  7. Employees should refer to the Employee Education Programs website for applicable processes and procedures pertaining to INL Employee Education Programs participation.
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