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Health Tips for Students

Listed below are some common health conditions that are seen at the Student Health Center. Treatment for these can initially be started by you at home. Feel free to contact the Student Health Center at 282-7826 or 282-2330 if you have questions or concerns about a medical problem.

Upper Respiratory Infections (URI)

Usually viral, meaning antibiotics will not help/treat the problem. Symptoms will last from 7-14 days depending on your immune system. Presents with runny-stuffy nose, clear postnasal drip, mild sore throat (usually secondary to postnasal drip), plugged ears, mild facial pressure, cough (usually secondary to postnasal drip) and perhaps a low grade temperature (99-100).

Treatment by you

When to come to the clinic

Gastroenteritis--Almost always viral

Symptoms May be sudden in onset and usually only lasts for 24 hrs., watery diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, temperature up to 101, may be associated with dizziness

Treatment by you

When to come to the clinic

Stress--Extremely common

Symptoms widely varied depending on individual: indigestion, heartburn, stomach pain, hyperventilation, sleep disturbances, insomnia, diarrhea, fast heart rate, headaches, weakness, fatigue, generalized body aches, irritability, anxiety, decreased appetite, frustration, anger, decreased patience, decreased concentration and memory, loss of interest in normal fun activities, desocialization, decreased motivation, sadness and life generally not fun anymore.

Note: All the above can be symptoms of depression. If you have several of these symptoms for more than a few days, you should see a professional at the Student Health Center or Counseling and Testing Center.


Treatment by you

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