Season Three

The World of Politics

This episode explores the world of politics. Just in case you don't know your caucus from your pundit, we'll provide a little refresher course on the ins and outs of politics. We also have information to help those heading into the workforce. Whether you are a new graduate or switching jobs, this information will help you get job-smart.

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Links Mentioned in Show:
Idaho State University School of Engineering: Call (208) 282-2902 to donate time, energy or money to the yearly off-road vehicle competition.

Smart Start Salary Workshop
Smart Start Salary Workshop
Anderson Gender Resource Center
ISU Career Center

Help for the Hearing Impaired

Nearly one million Americans over the age of 5 are considered "functionally deaf." We sit down with those who chose to get an implant that can help them hear again- and others who believe being deaf is part of who they are. We also take a look at how modern technology is wreaking havoc on our youths' ears. Plus how ISU pharmacy students are helping one girl get her wish.

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Links Mentioned in Show:
Tell Program: ISU Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders, 208-373-1723 Peer Advising at ISU College of Pharmacy Spaghetti Feed: To donate or for more information call (208) 282-4597 ADA and Disability Services at ISU

Sexual Assault

This episode tackles a sensitive but important topic: rape. What effect can rape have on its victims? And how can you lower your risk of being sexually assaulted? Also, a NASA Program is taking Idaho education to new heights. Learn how launching organic samples and cameras into space enhance education in Idaho.

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Growing Older

Every day more than 10,000 baby boomers turn 65. The baby boom of yester-year is causing a senior citizen boom today. We explore the challenges of growing older-from dizziness to hearing issues and even prescription drug complications. We also look at how to grow old gracefully. We take a look at how some seniors have found a veritable fountain of youth.

Ancient Civilizations go High-Tech

The study of ancient civilizations is going high-tech. The Idaho State of Mind team explores how anthropologists are using high-tech machines to write a script of the past. See an exclusive demonstration of how one anthropologist thinks ancient beads were made. Also, learn more about a topic that is hitting the headlines: bullying. 71 percent of students report bullying is an ongoing problem. We talk to the experts.

Healthy Eating

You know how you should eat, but getting yourself to actually do it is an entirely different matter. This episode explores how to make healthy eating the easy choice. Also, we explore how early speech problems for children can have far-reaching negative effects. Find out what is considered normal and when to seek assistance.


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