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IAGD - Application

For the 2009 entering IAGD class there were 31 applications submitted, 31 of which were completed, considered and most were interviewed. There were 8 Acceptances issued, all 8 students entered the IAGD program this July.

For each of the 31 completed applications an admission profile was developed. The profile is based upon academic and non-academic factors. The ratio of weighting is 85% academic and 15% non-academic.

Academic Factors include:

Non-Academic Factors include:

Academic (based on completed applications) Admission profiles >75% are automatically invited for interviews and <50% are automatically not interviewed. Those profiles in the 50-75% range are offered interviews in most circumstances. Phone or personal interviews are weighted similarly.

Breakdown of this year's applicant pool

Dental School G.P.A. Part I Board Average Rank in Class
(cum) (%tile)  
3.51 85.65  
Acceptances Issued(8)    
3.70 87.25  
Acceptances Declined(0)    
Entering Residents(8)    
3.70 87.25  
Creighton University, University of Southern California, Oregon Health Sciences University (2), University of Minnesota (3), University of Iowa
Alternates/Students Not Accepted (23)

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