Department of Dental Sciences

IDEP - Fees and Other Expenses

Students accepted to the IDEP/Creighton program will be granted enrollment in the first-year dental curriculum at Idaho State University. Student fees include a resident fee in addition to the Idaho Dental Education Program fee. Fees are valid for the year indicated and are subject to change by the State Board of Education, legislative appropriation of funds and/or Creighton University without notice. The fees and other expenses for the year indicated are shown in the chart below. Students starting the IDEP program in 2015 will save over $114,000 in comparison with attending Creighton as a non-IDEP student.


1st Year (ISU)

2nd-4th Years (Creighton)

ISU Resident Fee

$6784  ($3392/sem)


IDEP Program Fee

$25,705  ($12,853/sem)


Total Fees (Tuition)*

$32,489  ($16,245/sem)





Other Expenses





$1467 (avg 2-4 yrs)



$6,034 (avg 2-4 yrs)

ISU Lab Fees



Background Check



Creighton University Fee



Student Health Insurance***

No longer offered*
$2750 (estimated)

$2308/yr (student only)

Parking Permit (optional)



Student Dental Assoc dues

-0- (paid by ISDA)


Total Other Expenses



Room & Board Estimates**



Apartment Rental –estimate**




Regular Creighton tuition is $55,836 for 2015-16.

*ISU student health insurance is not offered for the 2015-16 academic year. Students can purchase coverage privately. Students are REQUIRED to have insurance and will need to show proof of this, but it is not an option to purchase coverage through ISU. The figure listed is an estimate.

**These estimates vary depending on the student's personal preferences.

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