Department of Dental Sciences

IDEP - Admission to Creighton University as an IDEP Student

It is the admission policy of Creighton University to accept qualified students within the limits of its resources and facilities. The number of students eligible to be admitted to the IDEP program each year is currently limited to eight (8) students. Students accepted by the Creighton and IDEP Admissions Committees, enter Idaho State University only at the beginning of the school year for which they are accepted and registration is closed on the week after instruction has started for the first semester.

Formal notification of acceptance to the Idaho Dental Education Program and Creighton University will be sent separately from the Idaho Dental Education Program and Creighton University Admissions Office. An initial acceptance deposit and a final acceptance deposit will be required by Creighton University. These deposits will apply toward the fall semester registration fees at Idaho State University.

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