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Updated on
13 October, 2017

Permanent Records

Permanent records are those determined by the State of Idaho to have sufficient historical or other value to warrant continued preservation by the University. If you are uncertain whether an item is a permanent record, please refer to the Idaho Records Center Retention Schedules or contact the ISU Records Manager for clarification.

Caring for Permanent Records

Permanent records require special attention and should be scheduled for transfer to the custody of the University Archives as soon as the department/area no longer needs them for current operations. They should be created on archival-quality media and kept properly and in good order. For example, they should be stored in appropriate containers and facilities and not be intermixed with other records.

To prevent their loss or destruction, the records officer, and Records Custodian should keep a current list of permanent records. The list should identify them by schedule item number and show locations, custodians, and any transfer instructions.

If permanent records are no longer needed in current office space but are not yet ready for scheduled transfer to the University Archives, they may be stored in a records center or in a holding area set aside exclusively for such records. If no such offsite storage is possible, they should at least be kept separate from the office's temporary records.

Permanent electronic records, for example, require special care and storage. Necessary steps include controlling temperature and humidity, recopying the information periodically, and testing the readability of an annual sample. Caring for permanent audiovisual records likewise requires special procedures. These include separating them from nonpermanent records; filing separately the master and use copies, such as negatives and prints; using captions or their equivalent for identification purposes; and recording unique identification numbers on every negative jacket or storage container as well as on all corresponding prints or other use copies.

If a department wishes to lend permanent or unscheduled records to a non-University user, it must first obtain the Records Manager written approval by submitting a letter of request. All formally executed loan agreements for such records must have the signature of the Records Manager before their implementation. If the loan request is denied, the Records Manager will notify the department.