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Updated on
13 October, 2017

Program Goal & Objectives

Central to the proper management of recorded information is the concept of record-keeping requirements. These requirements are statements in laws, regulations, or University directives providing general and specific guidance on particular records to be created and maintained by the University. Since ISU is legally obligated to create and maintain adequate and proper documentation of its organization, functions, and activities, it needs to issue recordkeeping requirements for all activities at all levels and for all media. In addition, ISU needs to distinguish records from non-record materials including personal papers. These recordkeeping requirements apply to both the creation and maintenance of records. In accordance with state and federal regulations and directives, these requirements prescribe the systematic creation and maintenance of all records at ISU. The Records Manager is authorized to inspect ISU records, related paperwork, and any indexes, box listings, or shipping documents and procedures to confirm the use of appropriate retention and disposal authorities and that program objectives are met.


To ensure the economical and efficient management ISU records. The records program provides for the application, on a continuing basis, of sound record management practices and techniques in the creation, maintenance, retrieval, preservation, and disposition of all records.


The program consists of managing the entire life cycle of all records, irrespective of format (e.g. paper, digital, audio, photographic, micrographic, cartographic, geo-spatial); that is, the creation or receipt, maintenance, disposal (destruction), retirement or transfer of (permanent) records to the University Special Collections, and Idaho State Record Storage Center (SRC)-managed archives.

Office Assistance Visits

Record Coordinators (RC) that need help with a record related issue may call or email the RM to schedule an appointment (, or 208-282-3045).


Please contact the RM to schedule individual/department records training. The next scheduled class will be held in late January or early February 2016.