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Updated on
13 October, 2017

Records Coordinators

Each ISU department is required to designate a Records Coordinator (RC) to be responsible for local records activities and is required to notify the Records Manager (RM) to new or changing assignments as they occur. At least once annually, department/area  managers must provide organizational and contact information to the RM. This information is necessary to update records servicing authorities and to ensure the systemic control over local records processes (e.g. the annual files planning process, and periodic records inventorying). RCs are required to notify the RM of new records that must be scheduled or any changes that must be made to their existing Record Control schedules (RCS). In addition, the RC is responsible for assisting the RM in implementing an effective RIM program within their department/area. The RC is the records liaison representative for his or her functional organization and may speak or act with full authority within the organization. At a minimum, there should be one RC in every department. However, departments may appoint more than one RC.

Responsibilities of All University Employees

Each ISU employee must manage the records they create/maintain in accordance with ISU policy. They must assure the integrity and confidentiality of the records in their custody and with which they use to do their jobs. Managers are responsible for ensuring that their employees comply with these requirements, and to return records requested from the SRC through the RM promptly when finished with the records.

How to Appoint Records Coordinators

To appoint a records coordinator, please fill out Records Coordinator Appointment Form. Please complete the entire form, sign and return the appointment form to the University Records Management Office at Mail Stop 8089.

ISU Record Coordinator Directory

This directory contains the names, emails, and phone numbers of all ISU Record Coordinators. The primary purpose of this directory is to allow University personnel to identify and contact department/area Record Coordinators. Records Coordinator Directory.