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Assessment and Program Review at ISU

Assessment and Program Review at Idaho State University is founded on the understanding of assessment as the systematic collection and analysis of information to improve student learning and as a basis for sound institutional planning. As noted in Program-Based Review and Assessment, when developing and implementing assessment strategies, programs should keep three purposes for assessment in mind:  to improve, to inform, and to prove. The results from an assessment process should provide information that can be used to determine whether or not intended student learning outcomes are being achieved and how programs can be improved. The process should also be designed to inform program faculty and staff and university administration about relevant issues that can impact the program and student learning.

Student learning is central to the culture of ISU, and the University recognizes that improving student learning is a continuous process. Program assessment and review across the colleges at ISU provides the primary means of integrating institutional planning and assessment with student learning at the course and program levels. A variety of resources are available to departments and faculty to guide in the creation of effective assessment plans and instruments.

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