International Programs Office

Application Status

Checking the status of your application is easy. Simply log into the Admissions Login page where you submitted your application for admission and log in with the same Login ID and PIN you used when you applied. Next, select your application under the Processed Applications header. There you will find your Application Summary. Below is an example of what one might see.

If your application status shows "Complete ready for review", that means we have received all required documents and your application will be reviewed soon. If the status shows "Incomplete items outstanding", then items still not received will be listed at the bottom under Requirements.

Here you will see the details of the program you applied to including the major you selected. If the major listed is not correct, please contact us at and let us know the correct major.

This section lists all of the documents required for acceptance in your program along with the date we received the document. If there is no Received date indicated, then either we have not received the document or the document was not accepted.

Go to the Admissions Login Page now to see the status of YOUR application.