Election Nominations 2014/2015

The nomination period has ended.

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The following positions need to be filled:

  • President: The president serves as the chief executive officer and official representative for the association.  Presides at all meetings, has the power to form any committee as is necessary for the welfare and benefit of the association in any activities and has the authority to require committee chairpersons to submit in writing all committee reports.
  • Vice President: Acts as Chairperson in the case of a temporary or permanent Chairperson’s absence.  Responsible to the Chairperson on the progress and activities of all committees.
  • Secretary: Makes written and oral reports of all association meetings.  Keeps on file all reports made by committee Chairpersons.  Keeps a record of membership attendance.  Prepares agenda prior to a meeting.  Maintains membership roster.
  • Treasurer:  Responsible for keeping accounting records of the association transactions.  Keeps all association funds in the student account.  Makes written and oral reports of the financial status of the association.
  • Activities Director:  Coordinates the efforts for the planning and execution of all social activities and affairs for the association.
  • Public Relations Coordinator: Acts as publicity chairman for all social activities and affairs for the association.

Current Nominees


Vice President



Activities Coordinator

Public Relations Coordinator

Asim Dhakal Zaid Alfarhan Fadi Alalkam Mary Owusu-Ansah Anit Gurung Abdulwahab Aljohar
Kumar Gaurav Shah Ibrahim Alsannaa Asim Dhakal Yousif Abuabdullah Yanyan He
Fadi Alalkam Yousif Abuabdulla h Ibrahim Alsannaa Amrit Thapa Krystoff Kissoon
Binayak KC Asim Dhakal

Voting will begin on Monday, April 28th