Volunteering for International Night 2014

Thank you to all who volunteered last year. This page will be updated for International Night 2014. Coming soon!

There are many ways for you to get involved with International Night. Please sign up below for the specific activity you'd like to participate in.

Ticket Sales

The following schedule shows names of those who have signed up to sell tickets for International Night. Those who volunteer for 5 hours or more will receive a 1/2 off discount on their ticket to International Night! Those who volunteer for at least 8 hours will receive their ticket FREE! If you are interested in volunteering for any amount of time, please complete the Sign-Up Form.

Questions about selling tickets? Contact Mary at owusmary@isu.edu.

Flag Show


The list to the right shows the countries represented at ISU (if you don't see your country, please complete the sign-up form below and we'll add it). If you are interested in carrying your country's flag during the flag show (and nobody else has already signed up), please complete the form below.

Participation in the flag show is on a first-come-first-serve basis. FLAGS ARE PROVIDED!

Questions about the Flag Show? Contact Nitesh at timanite@isu.edu.

Fashion Show

The last event of the evening is the Fashion Show. You can show your native cloting by walking the stage either alone or with another person or in a group. If you are interested in participating in the Fashion Show, please complete the sing-up form below.


Volunteers are needed to help cook in the Chartwells Kitchen. We need approximately 4-5 people for each of the 5 dishes being made. If you have some time on Friday the 31st after 7:00 pm OR throughout the day on Saturday the 1st, please sign up below.