International Programs Office

Study Abroad Funding

Paying for Study Abroad

Financial planning should begin as soon as you embark on your research of abroad locations and programs. The funds/grants/loans you anticipate receiving should be carfully factored in. Read the program costs to determine what is included in the program fee. Be sure to add the cost of international airfare and any additional travel and meals (if you plan to travel during your program). Most students underestimate the costs of souvenirs and travel.

ISU Financial Aid Office

Scholarships for Study Abroad

There are many scholarships available to study abroad students. The deadlines are often very early so plan ahead!

Important note about federal financial aid: All students must be enrolled for, and complete, a minimum of 12 credits while studying abroad, especially if they are receiving federal financial aid. If you fail to complete at least 12 credits while you are studying abroad, you may be asked to return the federal aid received. If ISU is not reimbursed, you will be billed for these monies.

Some Helpful Links -- scholarships for all countries available countries countries  -- The John and Catherine MacArthur Foundation -- National Science Foundation -- awards to study in unusual countries (no Western Europe, Australia, or New Z.) Centre for International Mobility--research and study in Finland Kingdom   The American Scandinavian Foundation—Scandinavia   ISEP Scholarships (for ISEP students only!)