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Better Todays. Better Tomorrows. began in 2000 as Red Flags Idaho. The project educates gatekeepers and caregivers on stigma, trauma, the signs and symptoms of mental disorders in children and youth, suicide risk assessment and intervention, and the latest scientific information on mental disorders. Red Flags, from 2000–2001, focused on adolescent depression, but the program has grown to include all disorders, suicide prevention, youth trauma, and systems of care for children’s mental health. The Office for the Advancement of Telehealth, Telehealth Idaho, and the ISU distance education system have participated over the years.

Better Todays conducts training exit surveys as well as follow-up email surveys each month for a year after training. The goal of the surveys is to examine knowledge gain, intent to behave differently, and collect real-time evaluations on the quality of training.

For more information on Better Todays, e-mail Project Director Ann D. Kirkwood, MA at or phone 208-282-4436. Information on the Awareness to Action Youth Suicide Prevention Project is available at The mailing address for the program is: Better Todays, Idaho State University Meridian Health Science Center, 1311 E. Central Dr., Meridian, ID, 83642.

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