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  • Idaho Community HealthCorps is a joint project of the ISU-IRH & Idaho Primary Care Association in cooperation with the National Association of Community Health Centers.
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Institute of Rural Health

What is the Idaho Community HealthCorps?

The Institute of Rural Health (IRH) has received a grant from the National Association of Community Health Centers, Inc. (NACHC) entitled Idaho Community HealthCorps (ICHC). The ICHC is an AmeriCorps Program-a domestic Peace Corps-that will use a community-health-worker model to train people in rural settings. The ICHC member will work out of Community Health Centers to provide outreach to families and individuals, assist with advocacy needs, provide health education, and serve as a link between the community and the health center. Major goals of the ICHC include fostering community education and organizing health workshops, training, and other community outreach.

Eight full-time/part time equivalent stipend members will be recruited for the 2005-2006 program year. Whenever possible, we will recruit people who are in the communities they will serve or will work closely with the host community to assure a good match between a national candidate and the local community. Firsthand experience in health care coupled with formal training and post-program career services are expected to lead many members to pursue health careers; assume increased responsibility for their own lives; develop a lifelong commitment to volunteer service; and achieve long term personal and family goals. Each full-time stipend member will receive a living allowance of $10,600 for 12 months service. Other benefits include basic health insurance, child care, and educational award opportunities.

NACHC's vision is that the Community HealthCorps continue to evolve as a model for addressing hard-to-solve health care problems and for integrating national service into a complex human-service delivery system. Significant numbers of HealthCorps members can be added to health centers across the nation in years to come. All families and individuals should have access to high-quality preventative and primary health care, regardless of geography or economic class.

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