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  • Idaho Community HealthCorps is a joint project of the ISU-IRH & Idaho Primary Care Association in cooperation with the National Association of Community Health Centers.
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Institute of Rural Health

Have you ever thought about healthcare and said, "Somebody should do something about this!"

You Can Make A Difference in the Idaho Community HealthCorps

Yes, you can make a difference by participating in the Idaho Community HealthCorps (ICHC): An Americorps Program, sponsored by the Idaho Primary Care Association and ISU Institute of Rural Health Studies, the National Association of Community Health Centers - Corporation for National Service.

As a member of the Idaho Community HealthCorps you will participate in community service and gain skills in community health education and outreach. The ICHC opens doors for personal and professional development while learning an ethic of community service. During your tenure, you will work in health outreach and/or serving the Community Health Centers located throughout the state of Idaho.

There are two types of HealthCorps members:

Depending on the type of HealthCorps member you choose to become you maybe eligible for some or all of the following:

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