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  • Our Goal - Partner with other Idaho suicide prevention groups to create an infrastructure for reducing suicide attempts and completions among Idaho youth aged 10-24 regardless of ethnic/racial heritage.
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Institute of Rural Health

Goals and Objectives

The purpose of the Idaho Awareness to Action Youth Suicide Prevention (AAYSP) project is to build on Idaho's Youth Suicide Prevention program (YSP) to reduce suicide attempts and completions, regardless of ethnic/racial heritage, among Idaho youth ages 10-24. The overall goal of the project is to translate information into active suicide prevention by increasing adults' knowledge of youth suicide protective and risk factors and helping them to put that knowledge into active suicide prevention efforts. The activities of YSP program dramatically increased the information about youth suicide prevention across the state. In this new project, our goals are focused on helping community and state government leaders and gatekeepers across the state learn how to put their knowledge into actions to reduce youth suicide attempts and completions.

This program is NOT intended to and does NOT provide crisis intervention. If you are in crisis, or have concerns about a loved one, call 1-800-273-TALK or go to

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