Institute of
Rural Health

Institute of Rural Health


Rocky Mountain Learning

Rocky Mountain Learning is a non-profit organization operated by the ISU Institute of Rural Health dedicated to providing distance learning with a focus on healthcare. It utilizes web based platforms to increase the reach of distance learning from the traditional videoconferencing methodology often used in healthcare.

The Northwest Regional Telehealth Resource Center (NRTRC)

The NRTRC provides technical assistance in developing telehealth networks and applications to serve rural and undeserved communities.

NRTRC Services

Cooperative Telehealth Network

The Hospital Cooperative is a network of not-for-profit hospitals in southeastern Idaho and west Wyoming. Since 1994, we have provided benefits to our members through shared resources, services, and information. We help member facilities by providing educational and networking opportunities, assistance with grant development, and negotiating group purchasing agreements. With support from public and private sources, we operate the Cooperative Telehealth Network to deliver educational and clinical services to rural areas using state-of-the-art telenetworking technologies.


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