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Moodle ISU - End of Semester Checklist

Faculty are responsible for backing up their own course materials at the end of each semester. It is recommended that two forms of data be retained:

Backing up your courses process

Clean up course files. Resources and other content that will not be used in previous classes should be deleted prior to course backup. If media files, such as video and pictures, have been saved in the course file an error message may pop up regarding course file size. Narrated PowerPoint files should be stored on the Adobe Presenter (Breeze) Server. This will reduce the file size so a backup can be created.

Create a backup to transfer content to another semester. Each semester you should create a back up of your course. This back up can then be used to restore content in a future term. Creating a back up for each term is helpful as each term has different holidays and the summer term is shorter. For more information see the Backing up your Moodle Course handout.

End of Term Course Availability

Courses with Multimedia Content

Video and Media Files
  1. Video files and large audio files should be placed on the ISU Media server, not uploaded to your Moodle ISU course. For assistance in moving video files to the ISU Media server, please contact the ITRC or complete the Video Project Request Online Form.
Encoded Classes
  1. For encoded classes, the link will be saved in your course backup, however, the encoded class files will be deleted accroding to the ITRC Archive Policies.
  2. To request that encoded classes be retained past the retention dates, please complete the Archive Exemption Request Online Form.
Adobe Presentations
  1. If presentation files have been stored on the Adobe Presenter Server, the link to these files will be backed up with course data.
  2. If the video files were placed within the Moodle course itself, they should be moved to the Adobe Presenter Server.
  3. Instructors are responsible for the original PowerPoint and the PPC/PPx/Audio files used to create narrated lectures. These files are necessary for future editing purposes. These files should be stored on the instructor's computer.
  4. Files more than a year old will be removed. Please contact the ITRC if you would like to continue utilizing these files.

Course Evaluations

Instructors can utilize Moodle for end of semester course evaluations. Please see the Course Evaluations page for more information on this process and contact your department.


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