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Moodle Resources for Faculty

General Moodle Procedures - Moodle procedures at ISU
Start of Semester Checklist
Archive Policies

Introduction To Moodle for Faculty
Faculty Guide to Moodle ISU - A Course Guide within Moodle

Moodle Handouts

All Moodle ISU 2 Handouts

Assign Roles - Adding Another Instructor to your Moodle ISU Course
Availability - Making your Moodle ISU Course Available to Students
Backing Up your Moodle ISU Course
Backing Up Student Data from a Moodle ISU Course
Chat Activity
Choice - Using the Choice Tool to Create Polls
Feedback - Using the Feedback Tool
Gradebook: Using the Moodle ISU Gradebook
Gradebook: Exporting and Importing the Gradebook
Groups and Groupings
Importing Course Content
Messages Block
Quickmail Block
Quiz Questions: Importing in Aiken Format -(For Multiple Choice and True/False Questions Only)
Quiz Questions: Importing in GIFT Format -(For Multiple Choice, True/False, Essay, Short Answer, Missing Word, Numerical and Matching Question Types)
Restoring Course Data from a Backup

For more Moodle resources please see the teacher documentation at Moodle Docs.

Moodle Resources for Students

Finding Your Moodle ISU 2 Courses Handout, Tutorial
Introduction To Moodle for Students
Student Moodle Lessons - Website Guide
Student Guide to Moodle - Course Guide within Moodle
Student Instructions for Moodle Course Evaluations
CTECH Video Tutorials for Students

Other Handouts and Resources


Acrobat 7 Quick Reference
Convert Your Print and Electronic Files to PDF using version 7.0


LCD Projector User's Guide
Scanning with the Epson GT Scanner
Scanning with HP Scanjet
SMART Board™ Basics
Sony Handycam Digital Video Camera User's Guide

Internet and Web Development

Adobe Dreamweaver CS3 Quick Reference
Adobe Dreamweaver CS3 Introduction
Adobe Dreamweaver CS3 Presentation - This presentation contains a printable version of the slides as a PDF document and the workshop files in .ZIP format. To access the attached files, maximize the navigation sidebar and click on the paper clip icon.
Quick Guide to HTML
Some Web Development Tools

Microsoft Office 2007

Office 2007 Quick Reference - PC and Mac
Compressing Office Files
Excel 2007 Quick Reference - PC
Excel 2008 Quick Reference - Mac
Excel 2007: Formulas and Graphs
PowerPoint 2007 Quick Reference - PC
PowerPoint 2008 Quick Reference - Mac
PowerPoint 2007: Enhancing PowerPoint Presentations
Word 2007 Quick Reference - PC
Word 2008 Quick Reference - Mac
Word 2007: Saving an Word 2007 (*.docx) File as Rich Text Format (*.rtf)


Adobe Fireworks CS3 Quick Reference
Creating Filters in ISU Gmail
Creating Google Forms
Creating Posters with PowerPoint 2007
Helpdesk Knowledge Base
IT Service Desk Toolkit
Library Research from Your Office
Windows 7 Quick Reference
Windows Vista Quick Reference


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