Instructional Technology Resource Center

Print Media and Archiving

Print Media

The ITRC is capable of large format printing. This printer can print up to 42 inches on one side and up to 100 feet long at normal quality on matte paper. The best formats for printing are PowerPoint and PDF. The ITRC staff are available to assist in the creation of presentation files for printing. There is no service fee for preparing and creating presentation materials, but a fee is associated with the materials utilized for printing.

The ITRC requests TWO DAYS for processing prints. If high-quality printing is required, contact the GIS Lab at 282-2757. The GIS Lab requires four days to process orders.

The ITRC charges $12 for each linear foot with full coverage or $9 for each linear foot with less than 80% coverage.

For information on creating a poster please see the following handout Creating Posters with PowerPoint 2010.


The ITRC is able to create archives of academic materials for faculty. We will create one CD/DVD of your material for academic purposes.


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