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Start of Semester Instructor Checklist

At the beginning of each term there are several items to think about as you prepare to teach using Moodle ISU. We have put together a list of questions to help guide you through the inital steps of setting up your Moodle ISU course.

Did you request a Moodle ISU course when the course schedule was created?

Moodle sections are created based on information provided to the ISU Registrar during the class schedule process. Your department course scheduler must indicate the need for a Moodle ISU course by marking "Moodle Required" in the course request form.

If the class schedule did not include "Moodle Required", please contact your department course scheduler to update the information for your course(s).

When will I be able to start work on my Moodle ISU course?
Do you need a metacourse?
Do you want to use content from a previous course?
Do you have a video or distance class, and would like to have the lectures from that class encoded and placed in your Moodle ISU course?
Do you have older media that you still need?
Do you have any media files that should be transferred to the ISU Media server?
Does your content need updating?
Are you ready to add another component to your Moodle ISU course? Is there an activity or assignment that doesn't quite work the way you would like?


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